Award Categories

Underwritten Award Categories:

BD® Health Care Professional
Recognize professionals who volunteer their time and talents to address the physical and/or psychological health care needs of those who are uninsured, unrepresented, or unable to obtain basic or specialized care on their own.

BD® Health Care Individual
Recognize individuals whose volunteer service to health institutions and organizations have enabled them to serve the needs of those in need of care and their families.

BD® Paterson NJ Patriot
For an individual or individuals whose public service and/or volunteerism advance the standard and quality of life in the city of Paterson.

CFNJ® Community Pillar
Recognize individuals who by the breath and depth of their service across many categories of volunteerism significantly contribute to life of their community of residence.

PSEG® Environmental Stewardship
Recognize volunteers who pioneer and promote energy conservation and environmental action to foster a clean, green, sustainable environment and/or those who establish or revitalize conservation practices and public awareness within the local, state, national or global community.

Verizon® Service Through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
Application of science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills and knowledge by an individual or team to develop solutions to problems at the individual, home, school, community or global level. Problem solving should address the standard or quality of life through some socially responsible category of interest – hunger, the environment, health, nutrition, homelessness, literacy, etc. Increased awareness, financial support, service or advocacy are all examples of “solutions”.


Against All Odds
Recognize an individual or group that overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to successfully complete a volunteer activity.

Recognize individuals whose exemplary volunteer service beyond the borders of New Jersey have made the world a better place for some while reflecting favorably on the people of the Garden State.

Corporate Leadership
Recognize corporate entities that demonstrate social responsibility, set an example, and provide opportunities for employees to engage in volunteer efforts through extraordinary and consistent support of charitable causes.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Champion for Justice
Recognize those who continue the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through their work to promote Dr. King’s message of civil rights, justice for all, peace and non-violence in our communities and our state. This award is a partnership with the New Jersey Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission.

Recognize volunteers who provide classroom and/or after-school programs, enrichment opportunities, tutoring, or other academic support that would enhance the student’s ability to succeed; Recognize volunteers whose service maintains and preserves New Jersey’s history by working with historic sites, museums and other organizations with a special interest in history; or whose service directly or indirectly impact the arts and cultural fabric of New Jersey.

Emergency Services
Recognize volunteer EMTs, police, fire fighters and other emergency service volunteers who ensure public safety and well-being by responding in emergency situations, engaging in community awareness and education, and providing for safer communities.

Executive Leadership
Recognize individuals in executive positions in private or public sectors whose commitment to volunteerism extends throughout their organization, utilizing their status to motivate others and generate response to meet the unfulfilled needs of the community.

Faith-Based Services
Recognize individuals whose volunteer efforts through their commitment to a faith-based organization serve the needs of the broader community.

Recognize individuals whose vision and dedication result in the establishment of a new organization to meet unmet needs or new improved means of meeting those needs.

Good Neighbor
Recognize individuals who consistently perform acts of kindness towards neighbors in need and through a series of simple good deeds have made a significant difference in the lives of others.

Lifetime Service
Recognize individuals whose lifelong commitment to volunteerism has made a measurable impact upon the community.

Service to Youth
Recognize those volunteer activities that directly or indirectly enhance the lives and development of the youth population.

Volunteer Leadership
Recognize individuals who by their example and efforts inspire and recruit others to become actively involved in volunteerism and community service.

Volunteer Program/Group
Recognize an outstanding volunteer group or program consisting of 3 or more individuals, ages 19 and over, who coordinate and participate in various volunteer activities to benefit their communities.

Youth in Service
Recognize young individuals (ages 18 and under) who lead and inspire both peers and adults to participate in volunteer efforts and/or those youth who are dedicated to establishing new or supporting existing community service programs.

Youth Volunteer Program/Group
Recognize an outstanding volunteer group or program consisting of 3 or more individuals, all ages 18 and under, who coordinate and participate in various volunteer activities to benefit their communities.

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